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Jimmy Jane Menstrual Cup - menstrual cup set (translucent-white)

25.99 €
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Číslo produktu: 92944300005
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1.99 €
Predpokladané doručenie: 30 november 2023
Výrobca: Jimmyjane
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Intimacy funnel for difficult days!

What is an intimate funnel, or menstrual cup?
It is a bell-shaped, flexible, maximum latex-free, silicone device that collects menstrual fluid when placed in the vagina during menstruation.

Why you should try it - Benefits:
Does not contain any chemicals or bleach that could cause an allergic reaction.
It is free from cotton fibres, which in many cases can provide an excellent breeding ground for unwanted pathogens.
Unlike a tampon, it does not need to be removed during urination or defecation.
Insertion and removal is less irritating to the vaginal mucosa.
It is also gentle on the vaginal flora, as it does not absorb natural vaginal fluid, but only collects the fluid produced during menstruation.

It can store up to three times the amount of blood compared to a tampon, so it only needs to be emptied every 8 hours.
It can also be used at night.
It is also ideal during active activities, sports and swimming.

The price is also much more affordable in the long term, as it can be used for up to 5-10 years.

Due to unusual fitting method, it may take time to learn the proper fitting method and routine daily cleaning of the device.
May be uncomfortable in some cases, depending on the user's age.

However, 90% of women get used to using it in just a few days.

The sides of the mouth of the silicone device should be pressed in, so that it is pushed into the vagina. Once in place, the mouthpiece will pop out of its own accord (see pictures between illustrations).

-more hygienic
-no leakage
-does not leak -collects liquid without air, avoiding unpleasant odours
-must be emptied and rinsed only every 8-12 hours (2-3 times a day) (depending on size, menstrual flow)
-the material does not cause irritation to sensitive people
-more sizes available
-more economical

Contents of the set:

Medium Intimate Funnel
-full length: 6,5cm
-throat length: 5cm
-diameter: 4,5cm
-Capacity: 21ml

Small intimate funnel
-total length: 5,5cm
-length of cup: 4cm
-diameter: 4,3cm
-capacity: 14ml

The set also includes 1 handy storage bag.

Material: 100% skin-friendly Silicone (EU Regulation phthalate-free).
Phthalates: 100% phthalate-free, phthalate-free.

Celková dĺžka (cm) 6,5
Dostupnosť Na sklade
Priemer (cm) 4,5
Značka JimmyJane


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