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RS Essentials D'AMOUR - vibrator set - black-pink (3 pieces)

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RS Essentials D'AMOUR - vibrator set - black-pink (3 pieces)

Erotic set in sophisticated style!
Ideal for beginners to spice up intimate intercourse!

Set includes:
1pc fashion wet-nets for discreet, hygienic storage!

1 pc lace eye mask:

  • fine, soft material
  • 1 small piece of camisole
  • tie-on headband, so it fits perfectly to all head sizes
  • can also be used as an accessory for role-playing games

1 feather stroker:

  • silky feathers
  • with small plastic handle
  • strokers for foreplay
  • for role-playing games, where it can be an excellent addition to a maid costume

1 lipstick vibrator:

  • made with an exclusive lipstick shape - like a premium cosmetic
  • fits perfectly in the hand - comfortable to use
  • extra powerful vibration - stimulates all nerve endings
  • velvety silicone material - soft, super soft touch for the body
  • can also be used as an intimate massager and clitoral vibrator (nipples, clitoris, even for men: glans, testicles)

These are the things to look out for in a vibrator:

  • Clean thoroughly before and after each use
  • Use only water-based lubricant for lubrication
  • It is not waterproof, so make sure that the electrical parts are not exposed to water when cleaning
  • The vibrator runs on 1 micro battery (1 x AAA), which is NOT included in the package.

Vibrator usage tips:
Remove the cap before use.

Before use, remove the vibrator before use:
After lubrication, first just caress your clit with it, start the vibration and play with it as you please!
Caress or squeeze harder and it's okay if the end of the lipstick sinks into your vagina a little.

For foreplay:
Let your lover tickle your nipples, tickles, intimate zones, then do the same to her! Afterwards, you're guaranteed to have sex!

Vibrator control:

When you take off the cap, you'll see that there are 3 positions at the base of the lipstick: Open-Off-On.

Technical specifications, features:

  • Stirrer:
    • Pen size: 19cm x 7cm.
    • Handle size: 6cm x 0,7cm
    • Colour: black handle and dark pink feather
  • Eyecover:
    • Lace Height: 8,12cm
    • Lace width: 17cm
    • Ribbon width: 3,7cm
    • Ribbon length: 33cm
  • Lipstick vibrator:
    • Length including cap: 9,5cm
    • Length without cap: 9cm
    • Diameter with cap: 2,3cm
    • Diameter without cap: 1,5cm
    • Red lipstick part size 1,2cm x 1,5cm (with taped edge)
  • Neseser:
    • Height: 14cm
    • Width: 17cm
    • Thickness: 4cm


Download instructions for use (PDF)

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