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Tracy's Dog Craybit Rabbit Vibrator - purple

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Dostupnosť: Na sklade
Číslo produktu: 6972725980575
Cena dopravy: Zdarma
Predpokladané doručenie: 01 júl 2022
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Honey, have orgasms during intercourse thus far evaded you? Have you never really reached an orgasm, approached but never fully achieved? Have you ever had an orgasm so intense that it straightens your legs out like a fainting goat, but it also puts the most satisfied smile on your face?
Feel intense overstimulation inside and out with the Craybit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator! Curved tip teases your body's deepest spots G-Spot and A-Spot. Hitting the G-Spot will raise your heart and make your whole body shake. However, the feeling of hitting A-Spot is a more intense and addictive sensation that makes you keep wanting it more. It will paralyze you and melt you like a melted ice-cream.
A-Spot is a very deep spot and it's hard to reach, but Craybit Rabbit Vibrator can solve this problem for you! With its shape, Craybit Dildo Vibrator is long enough to reach the G-Spot and A-Spot, also it's slim and smooth enough to slide past the cervix without bumping it while curving upward at the tip. If you haven't experienced a vaginal orgasm before, it's possible that the A-spot is your magic button!
This satisfying Craybit rabbit vibrating stimulator know how to tease and please. Each part of the stimulators has a separate, independently controlled vibrating motor - 2 on the shaft for stimulation G-Spot and A-Spot, and 1 on the clit attachment. All 3 motors make sure all the sweet spots, including clitoris, G-Spot, and A-Spot, are getting the deep intense stimulation with the 15 different modes of speed and patterns along with the bunny stimulator.

As for pleasure, there is no limitation. That's why Craybit Vibe is a waterproof rabbit vibrator that is made of body-safe, soft and exquisite materials. So, you can explore your clitoris, G-Spot, and A-Spot orgasm and have a blast anywhere you want no matter if you are in a bathtub or in the ocean. With Craybit, let's get crazy a little bit!

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Materiál Silikón
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Značka Tracys Dog


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